4D Barrel Race

To your right you will see the flyer for the annunal Jim Bowie Days 4D Barrel Race. This is an event that we have been so proud to put on over the past few years. We must thank our Dirt Magician Mr Dewayne Nored from Elite Hydro-Static Testing for always making our dirt the "best in North Texas" and we are so happy to say that he will be returning this year to doctor our dirt for the health and safety of the horses and riders!

This event is cash only! One can register for the event text only from 10-12 on Monday June 24th or in person at the announcers booth upon arrival. Must have current negitive Coggins paperwork for each particpipating animal  in any of the Jim Bowie Days Rodeo Events. No Exceptions. 

Below you will find the link for the  JBD Open 4D Barrel Race
Entry From. While it is not mandatory to have when you arive at the arena it will save you and our volunteers time at regersitation! We greatly appreciate everything you can do to assist us in making registration and payment smoother for everyone.