Platinum Sponsors

The support of Dewayne Nored and the employees of Elite Hydrostatic Testing is essential to the success of our Rodeo and Celebration.  He and his team are the reason that our arena dirt is in such great condition each year.  Thank you Dewayne!
1600 W. FM 455,
Montague, Texas 76251

Phone: 940 841-2327
There is no way that the Jim Bowie Days Association could accomplish this annual event withough the support and assistance of the City of Bowie, the Bowie Parks and Recreation Department, The Bowie Parks and Recreation Board and so many other City departments that provide immeasurable support during this event.  Thank you to each and every City of Bowie employee that goes above and beyond to ensure that our City shines so brightly during the Jim Bowie Days Rodeo and Celebration week of events.
307 N Mason Street
Bowie, Texas 76230


City of Bowie Texas

Phone: 940 872-1114